Sometimes, despite the best planning and management by our clients, disputes arise.  Problems with your customers, disagreements with your vendors, or disappointments with services or products that you have purchased all can form the basis for a legal battle. Our approach to litigation is to see if there is some reasonable and acceptable alternative to going to court or arbitration. Before litigation begins, we sit down with our clients to go over all options, provide our best estimate as to costs and expenses of a lawsuit, give a realistic picture as to long the litigation will last, and thoroughly discuss possible outcomes. If a settlement cannot be reached, then you can rest assured that Kanowsky & Associates will vigorously and effectively represent you.    As part of our comprehensive and complete legal services to our clients, at Kanowsky & Associates we assist and handle our clients’ litigation matters in connection with:

  • Business and Commercial Transactions disputes
  • Insurance coverages/Bad Faith
  • Real Estate Transactions Disputes
  • Personal Injury and Property Damage Litigation
  • Construction Law and Related Claims
  • Shareholders/Members Disputes
  • Employment Disputes

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